This text aims to provide you information about processing of your personal data by GFT DANIŞMANLIK PAZARLAMA ANONİM ŞİRKETİ ("GFT" or "We") according to the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.

1. Identity of Data Controller

With its capacity as data controller, GFT exercises due diligence for the security of your personal data. Taking cognizance of such responsibility, we take special care for processing, recording and storing of any kind of your personal data for the purposes mentioned below and according to the rules of law and honesty, and exercise due diligence for transfer and disclosure of such data to third persons for their purposes of processing and within the limits permitted by current legislation.

2. Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data obtained by GFT are kept physically and electronically for a period in line with its purposes of processing and according to the fundamental principles prescribed in the LPPD. GFT uses your personal data internally to enhance service quality, to deliver and improve the products subscribed for by the users and to level up customer satisfaction. GFT acts in compliance with the obligations set out in the LPPD and other relevant legislation.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data

GFT may share your personal data with payment channels or other service providers within and outside the European Union which have a contractual relationship with GFT for them to have access to or use these data, but only to the extent required for providing these services. With the purposes explained above, GFT may share your processed personal data with third party sellers in response to a product order or to add you in a commercial bulletin circulation list. Some parts of the information collected by GFT will be shared with other GFT users when showing profiles. You will select the information to be shown in your profile.

GFT may publish personally identifiable information without your authorization to abide by the court orders or to comply with the laws which require disclosure of this information. In cases of reorganization, sale or merger, we may transfer personally identifiable information to relevant third parties by having the consent of the user, if required by the LPPD.

4. Method and Legal Justification for Collection of Personal Data

As mentioned in GFT Privacy Policy, your personal data shall be collected by GFT for the above-mentioned purposes such as collection, processing, reporting and publication of virtual games, computer games, video games, mobile games, electronic sports, developments in the gaming and electronic sports industries, news, data and information regarding GFT mobile application, website or other platforms and contents, to make transactions regarding the publications of its own platforms through any kind of verbal, written or electronic communication channels. The data collected are processed and transferred in line with the personal data processing conditions and the LPPD.

5. Your Rights as the Data Subject

As data subjects, you may communicate your requests regarding your rights to GFT via the methods set out in this Clarification Form, and they will be responded free of charge in the shortest possible time and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest according to the nature of the request. However, if there is a fee is prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Board, the fee determined by the said board shall be charged.

As per article 11 of the LPPD, you have the following rights:
a)To learn whether your personal data were processed,
b)If yes, to request information about it,
c)To learn the purpose of their processing and whether they are used in line with its purpose,
d)To know the third parties within and outside the country to which personal data were transferred,
e)In case personal data were processed incompletely or erroneously, to request their correction,
f)To request deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions prescribed in the article,
g)To request that the transactions made as per the paragraphs (d) and (e) be communicated to third parties to which personal data were transferred,
h)To raise objection against the results emerged to his/her detriment due to the analysis made solely through automated systems for processed data.
i)To request compensation of damages in case he/she incurs damage due to processing of personal data in contradiction with the law.

Please communicate your request for exercising your above-mentioned rights to GFT in written. In order to exercise your rights mentioned hereunder, you should send your letter of request involving your identity information and stating which of these rights of yours shall be exercised to the following address or e-mail:

E-mail address: Address: Necatibey Cad. Ankara Apt. No:22/18 Kızılay ANKARA

This Clarification Text has been prepared on [23.04.2022]. In case of any change in the Clarification Text, it will be published on and/or its affiliated platforms with its updated effective date and content.
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