Within the framework of the Clarification Text provided to me by GFT Company ("Company") in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data ("LPPD"),

I hereby accept and declare that within the framework of the LPPD, I expressly consent that my personal data, including my identity information, address information, contact information and other personal data mentioned in the Privacy Policy, may be obtained, recorded, stored in physical or electronic media for an appropriate period for processing purposes, amended, reorganized, disclosed in accordance with legislation, transferred and taken delivery of, classified, processed or their use may be prevented by GFT with its capacity as the data controller or other data processors authorized by it (by ensuring the necessary measures to be taken) in compliance with the general principles set out in the LPPD (particularly the principle of storage for the necessary period as prescribed by legislation) to provide products and services by the Company to its customers in the most optimum conditions, to improve the service quality regarding the products and services ("Products") and contents ("Contents") defined in the User Agreement, to deliver and develop the products subscribed for by the users, and that I have been duly informed by the Company of the matters stated above.

I hereby accept and declare that I expressly consent that, provided to be committed to the above-mentioned purposes, my personal data may be transferred by the Company to the Company’s employees, officers, group companies (the Company and/or business partners, shareholders) within and outside the country, legally competent public institutions and organizations, independent audit companies within the framework of legal obligations and limitations, business partners, service providers of the Company and other related third parties which the Company procures services from or engages in partnership with to carry out the services to be provided to me and/or the activities to be made for me.

Moreover, I accept that I am entitled to request the following as per article 11 of the LPPD and relevant legislation:
a)To learn whether my personal data were processed,
b)If yes, to request information about it,
c)To learn the purpose of their processing and whether they are used in line with its purpose,
d)To know the third parties within and outside the country to which my personal data were transferred,
e)In case my personal data were processed incompletely or erroneously, to request their correction,
f)To request deletion or destruction of my personal data within the framework of the conditions prescribed in article 7.
g) To request that the transactions made as per the paragraphs (d) and (e) be communicated to third parties to which my personal data were transferred,
h)To raise objection against the results emerged to my detriment due to the analysis made solely through automated systems for processed data,
i)To request compensation of damages in case I incur damage due to processing of personal data in contradiction with the law.

I accept that in order to exercise my rights mentioned hereunder, I should send a letter of request involving my identity information and stating which of these rights of mine shall be exercised to the following address or e-mail:

E-mail address: Address: Necatibey Cad. Ankara Apt. No:22/18 Kızılay ANKARA

Furthermore, I accept and represent that my personal data that I shared with the Company are accurate and up-to-date and that I will inform the Company of any changes in this information. I expressly consent my personal data as defined in the LPPD, including also the personally identifiable data, to be processed and shared with third parties provided to be limited with their purpose of processing within the relevant process and to be stored for a necessary period. I hereby accept and represent that I have been duly informed of this matter and that I have read and understood this hereby text and the Clarification Text.

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